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We are a security company focused on providing defense training through courses such as active shooter training, in-home threat assessments, church security, and gun safety.


Active Shooter Training

Situational Awareness Training

Route & Site Risk Assessments

Church Safety

Use of Force Training

Beginner Gun Safety and Advanced Pistol Training

About Us

Pivotal Readiness LLC is a security company focused on training others on how to survive unfortunate and deadly situations in today’s environment.

We have over 20 combined years of experience in military operations, private security, taekwondo and combatives. 

We now want to pass on our skills and abilities to better equip you for worst case scenarios. 

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3S Program

1.) Stand Together
2.) Stand Out
3.) Stand Up

We stand together against the evils of this world.

We stand out amongst our peers and the public because of the light within us.

We stand up, FOR others, and WHERE others cannot.

Your life matters to us. We stand together strong, because alone we are weak. We know the strength within the squad.

We are The Sheepdog

Here at Pivotal Readiness, we are about community. We’re about family. We’re about faith. We’re about helping people prepare and train, to live long fruitful lives. Standing against that which wishes to destroy us. We are sheepdogs, helping raise sheepdogs.

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